Wheel alignment is an affordable service that can easily make you save money. Indeed, your new tyre investment can be wasted by a bad tyre alignment. Wheel alignment is part of your car maintenance and must be checked regularly in order to avoid risks on the road.

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What is vehicle wheel alignment?

The tyre alignment consists of adjusting the angle of the wheels in order to make them parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. This operation is intended to prevent too much friction or premature wear of tyres or suspension. The alignment of the tyre is the adjustment of three elements: camber, toe, and caster.

  • Camber adjustment: seen from the front of the vehicle, the specialist adjusts the inward or outward angles of the tyre.
  • Toe adjustment: seen from above, the angle identifies the exact direction the tyres are pointed compared to the centerline of the vehicle.
  • Caster adjustment: seen from the side, this angle identifies the forward or backward slope of a line drawn through the upper and lower steering pivot points.

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